• Supersonic Realtime API

    Jiber is an open source API for realtime web apps. WebSockets and WebRTC data channels are leveraged to sync updates lightning fast.

  • Why Jiber?

    Jiber is fast, among other things.

    Offline First

    It's the modern age, after all.

    Apps should just work, even when the internet doesn't. Jiber stores user actions locally, and then synchronizes them whenever a connection to the internet becomes available.


    The sky is the limit!

    Jiber's servers can scale horizontally to support any number of simultaneous users. Updates are routed to the right users, regardless of which server they are connected to.

    Optimistic Updates

    For responsive UI.

    Updates are applied right away, and then later rolled back if the server doesn't agree.

    Highly Available

    Keep syncing that data!

    Jiber will seamlessly switch between servers as needed. Even if no servers are available, Jiber can keep sending updates peer to peer!


    Even the download is fast.

    Jiber's JavaScript client is just 3kb. Bring your app's load time down to almost nothing!


    (Really fast)

    Jiber uses a combination of WebSockets and WebRTC to sync updates lightning fast.

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